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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use the software? View our step-by-step tutorial that shows how to create and print bingo cards.

Q. What do I get upon registration?
You get to make and print 8 free custom bingo cards.

Q. What do I receive upon buying the Bingo Generator?
You'll be able to print and generate unlimited bingo cards for life! You'll also be able to customize your cards, access all pre-made cards and more!

Q. How many cards can I generate at once?
You can make up to 100 bingo cards in one go. If you need to make more, simply click the "generate" button again.

Q. How can I edit my bingo cards?
Edit by adding, removing and replacing words from the box of words to make bingo cards from your custom list. In addition you can click on the "advance options" underneath any bingo card "previewer" and modify the card's properties.